The first thing I learned as an abstract contemporary artist was to release fear. Painting abstract expressionistic or minimal canvases means using gobs of oil paint. When creating black and white oil paintings it is possible to go through several large tubes and cans of paint for just one painting. It is the same using a full palette. Worrying about the cost of paint would inhibit what I do. I cannot worry about making a mess in my art studio. I have learned looking for praise or validation is a waste of time and I cannot fear being inferior to thousands of artists I love. Art resonates for me which is why I have been painting and drawing for over 40 years.

artist with painting

Painting for me is not about being in the mood.  It is a discipline and requires a set schedule.  Going to my studio is like going to the office. Working as an artist includes building stretchers, stretching and priming canvas, photographing new work, wrapping paintings to ship out, researching new galleries and sending  submissions, updating my website, and marketing through social media.  As my artist mentor Nancy Klotz once said: “the creative fun of working as an artist is about 20% of what you do”.