What I wonder is why it took me so long to start painting? Maybe I was told as a child to make the sky blue??  Who knows?  I was 26 years old when I first brushed paint onto a canvas.

For some reason, when I’m in my studio, I end up with as much paint on my body as on the canvas. It’s the same when I drink coffee which invariably ends up on my dress. Dress? Come on, I’m not the dress type. I meant tee shirt or tank top.  When my youngest daughter was two she started crying and running away from me because I was smeared with oil paint.

I love to paint.  I love art.  In 1978 I met a group of Artists in Residence. We were living in MD.  They became very influential, especially my BFF Nancy.  She gave me assignments and then critiqued my work.  To further my training, I returned to the University of Maryland for a second BA in Studio Arts.

As an abstract artist, I believe the observer should interpret the art he/she is viewing.  Living near DC for 25 years was wonderful.  DC’s art museums and galleries are some of the best in the world.  I remember the first time I saw Picasso’s “Guernica” when it was displayed at the National Gallery of Art.  It took my breath away and I actually felt as if I were part of the scene.  It was like being involved in a movie and it took me awhile to return to reality. Living with art is an escape from the sufferings of life.  Forget the soap operas,  just sit with an abstract painting or sculpture and let your mind drift and dream.

Working as an artist has been an ongoing journey.  My relationship with  creativity is like all my relationships.  There are moments of bliss and moments of pain.  But I wouldn’t know the bliss if I didn’t have the pain.

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