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Some of my clients took the time to let me know how thrilled they are with the art they purchased.  I am providing their comments to share their joy.

The pieces that have hung in my home are not just pieces of art and not just powerful images, they are alive and they resonate with a depth that is difficult to describe; we can only stop, and LOOK. That is the beauty of ART. And that is the beauty of these pieces. They change what we see and how we see and the objects around us; they become alive. Vision is the language of art. Judy Hintz Cox's pieces transport the viewer from seeing something to vision. This is not only a description of art and how it transports us, it is an always will be Judy's essential gift.


The first time I saw one of Judy's paintings hanging in a friend's home, I fell in love. Then came the journey to her studio, the relationship with more of her pieces and with this lovely woman. Now one of her paintings hangs in my home and has been with me for years. It's beauty only grows and it moves many who see it. Though words cannot name what this painting does for people, some words that come in its presence are sacred...powerful...healing...mighty...alive. It has its own way of speaking directly to the heart and soul. I can sit with it for long periods an the nourishment never seems to end.


Breath of Fresh Air Judy's art work inspires me every time I look at her painting in my office. The mixture of bold and soft colors reflects the beauty of both the outer and inner world, both mirror-like and liquid. It touches a part of my soul.


As an owner of more than one Judy Hintz Cox painting, we can say for certain the depth and joy her artwork brings is not something we have experienced in works by other artists! The paintings simply fill the space with happiness (2 Eggs Painting) and make us smile whenever we look at them. Other pieces have a calming presence with their subtle hints of color and design (White Series), still demanding your attention. Everyone is always drawn to these paintings the minute they walk in our house.

Greg and Nina

Judy is an incredibly talented artist. Her sublime use of color, texture and brushstrokes make wonderfully complex paintings that are at the same time simple and beautiful. Her paintings look amazing in my modern loft space.


Living with an emotionally deep Judy Cox encaustic painting has made me understand the importance of collecting work that continues to challenge me, even ten years later: I'm still greatly drawn into the work's richness, depth and unusual use of media,


``In 2000 we built a new house in Los Angeles and included a wall especially designed for a wonderful piece of art. That swall sat empty for several years. Then I reconnected with an old friend, who I knew as ``Hintz``. Wow! That crazy woman I knew and loved was an incredible artist! I sent her photos of the space, and said ``Work your magic!`` And she did. IO look at that painting every day, and every day my heart smiles. Thank you Hintz. ``


My childhood wouldn't be the same if I didnt grow up down the street from Judy ,seeing her immersed in her artwork , such a dynamic lady. The painting Solitude I've had for at least 20 years, tells me to embrace solitude to be strong to look within. Next time I'm in Charleston I plan to get a hold of another painting to theme out my next 20 years