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“10 Things That Should Never Be Said to Artists “


This list got me thinking about comments I’ve heard through the years.  Here are a few along with my comments. Sometimes the comments make me laugh.  I really don’t care the way I did 40 years ago, but what remains surprising is that people say things to artists they would never say to anyone in another profession.

You are so lucky!

Working as an artist takes discipline and perseverance – it’s not about luck.  It is a job that gives little or no perks.

Don’t give up your “real” job.

Said to me during one of my early art shows.

What is your “real” job?

what does that mean? that working as an  visual artist, sculptor, photographer, writer, composer, isn’t real?

What a great hobby!

Yes there is personal pleasure, but working as a professional artist isn’t about doing it in my spare time – it is a serious business that requires a never give up attitude.

Do you sell? and where do you show?

If not there’s no credibility.

So what if you don’t make money, you do it for inspiration.

This wouldn’t be said to anyone in any profession other than any of the arts. Do people think supplies and time aren’t necessary when creating?

Ha!! She thinks she’s an artist!

A few years ago we were moving and hired movers. I gave them a couple beers after they finished and overheard one saying this to the other – and I thought “hey!!! I even gave you beer!”

I wish I had time to do what you do.

 It costs THAT much??

 Can you paint this for me – the artist who painted this charges too much.

  He brought me a picture of what he wanted and no I didn’t do it.

  I would like a commission and need it by the end of the week.

  I think you raised your prices too much, maybe you should just raise them 10%.

  I didn’t raise my prices for 10 years and finally realized I couldn’t afford to keep selling for so little so raised my prices by 30%.

My kid could do that

   Actually, that’s probably true – anyone probably could, but someone has to think of the concept first.  The bicycle painting here was perfect for this comment – and also the expressive painting “The Morning After”

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