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What would life be without art??? I can’t even imagine! Art is about creation.  Think of all the ways art is manifested in our lives.   Naming only visual arts; there is painting, drawing, design, sculpture, calligraphy, photography, ceramics, pottery, stained glass, jewelry, collage, graphic, mosaic, metalwork, graffiti, land, folk,  icons, installation, illuminated manuscripts, junk, body, computer, conceptual, printmaking, illustration, poster, sand, rock and outsider. SERIOUSLY, what would life BE without art???

Art has given me a way to express myself.  I LOVE all kinds of art, though I am especially drawn to abstract.  My paintings are all abstract.

The majority of my work is minimal.  This means that the paintings are filled with a lot of space.  My intent is to keep forms at a minimal and often space surrounding the forms is more prevalent.

The palette I use is also minimal.  Many of my pieces are just black and white.  Though color is minimal, there are several layers of subtle paint within each painting.  These subtleties are seen as one spends time really looking at the painting.

Even though my work is minimal, it is executed with expressive movement.  The strokes of thick paint give a depth to my pieces that is appreciated as you view them.  And as you will see, here on my website, there are exceptions to what I call minimal.  The small fun colors are obviously an exception.







Art in Bloom, Wilmington, NC

Seattle Art Source, Seattle, WA

Five 3 Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

Matthew Rachman Gallery, Chicago, IL

Zatista Online Gallery


Featured artist in Artsy Shark

Guest blogger in The Painters’s Tongue

Honorably mentioned in The Art Room Gallery, Black and White Paintings