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Picture a blank canvas. Prior to beginning a new painting, I sit and stare at a blank canvas.  My attempt is to empty my mind.  I have no preconceived image.  After some time, I stand in front of the canvas and apply paint. The process has begun. I step back to view the canvas and take my cues from what I see.

I am interested in conveying spaciousness. I believe there is infinite space within each of us.  It is that place of stillness which brings joy. The spaciousness I attempt in my art is meant to be a reminder of possibilities, not necessarily a sense of joy.

When painting, one canvas leads to another and each is an attempt to reach my ongoing quest. When “caught up” in the mental exercise of self-validation, the painting suffers. Therefore, I attempt to let go of thoughts.

I don’t expect viewers to respond to my work the same way I do.  If any emotion is felt while looking at my work, that is enough.

For information about my career view my curriculum vitae

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Matthew Rachman Gallery, Chicago, IL

Conemptorain Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA

Art in Bloom, Wilmington, NC

Oriet’s Fine Art, Baltimore, MD

Broadhurst Gallery, Pinehurst, NC

Emerg Art Online Gallery

Zatista Online Gallery

Artwork Network Online Gallery


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Honorably mentioned in The Art Room Gallery, Black and White Paintings