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What would life be without art??? I can’t even imagine! Art is about creation.  Think of all the ways art is manifested in our lives.   Naming only visual arts; there is painting, drawing, design, sculpture, calligraphy, photography, ceramics, pottery, stained glass, jewelry, collage, graphic, mosaic, metalwork, graffiti, land, folk,  icons, installation, illuminated manuscripts, junk, body, computer, conceptual, printmaking, illustration, poster, sand, rock and outsider. SERIOUSLY, what would life BE without art???

Art has given me a way to express myself.  I LOVE all kinds of art, though I am especially drawn to abstract art and have been painting it for over 45 years.

I am a minimalist.  I don’t like clutter in my spaces or in my paintings.  Most of my pieces are minimal. However, I paint expressively and when the piece is expressive in content, there is minimal color.  If I find my paintings getting too busy, I take the extra away.  This means removing paint that has been applied.  It’s a process of painting, observing, removing, and repeating.

I enjoy showing my art to others and don’t expect everyone to like what I do. I do hope my work brings about some sort of emotion. I do not keep paintings that I wouldn’t want on my own walls.   I have painted over more paintings than I can count.

I feel very fortunate that I have been able to paint for most of my adult life.




Huff Harrington Fine Art, Atlanta GA

Art in Bloom, Wilmington, NC

Seattle Art Source, Seattle, WA

Five 3 Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

Matthew Rachman Gallery, Chicago, IL

Zatista Online Gallery


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Guest blogger in The Painters’s Tongue

Honorably mentioned in The Art Room Gallery, Black and White Paintings