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Thank you for visiting my website.  I have been painting for over 40 years and am passionate about art. I believe we all have an “inner self”.   When I meditate, whether by sitting quietly or by going inside myslef to change negative thinking, I feel an adrenaline rush in my stomach and heart.  The same rush happens when I paint.

I work in series.  It’s important to continue the same theme for at least 20 paintings in order to accomplish my original thought.   I also believe working as a professional artist takes discipline.  For me, it is not about waiting for inspiration.  It is about going to my studio or working online whether in the “mood” or not.  Often, at such times, I paint something unintended giving me a totally exciting result.

There are three  important  concepts for me when I create. First, I don’t worry about how much paint I’m using or wasting. Second, I try (am not always successful with this one) not to be concerned about what anyone thinks of my piece.  And third, I do not overwork the piece because if I do, it loses its essence.  Sometimes, I realize the painting is complete even though it looks half finished.

For information about my career view my Bibilography.



Matthew Rachman Gallery, Chicago, IL

Conemptorain Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA

Art in Bloom, Wilmington, NC

Oriet’s Fine Art, Baltimore, MD

Broadhurst Gallery, Pinehurst, NC

Zatista Online Gallery


Featured artist in Artsy Shark

Guest blogger in The Painters’s Tongue

Honorably mentioned in The Art Room Gallery, Black and White Paintings