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Are These Chairs Really Chairs?

These modern art chairs by artist Darren Foote display a common subject with a different perspective. Even though these chairs are not what you normally sit on, they can be identified as chairs.

Abstract art provides a recipe for learning how to read what you see. No two people see the same way. Sometimes a contemporary abstract painting will need to be turned to the right or upside down for a particular viewer.

There are artists who create an illusion of reality.  Julian Beever, a famous United Kingdom artist creates amazing pavement drawings that trick the eye.  While viewing his 3 dimensional drawings, one’s mind attempts to fill in the details of something it either thinks it already knows, or doesn’t quite understand. It’s all about how your mind sees.

Artist Rene Magritte had been trying out different styles of painting when he discovered  artist Giorgio De Chirico‘s work.  These paintings on canvas, painted during World War I, excited several surrealist painters.  De Chirico used distorted perspective and strange juxtapositions to create a haunting dreamlike reality.

Surrealist Rene Magritte said “everything we see hides another reality” which is seen in his self portrait with green apple.  He believed art was not a reality but a mere representation of it.  And the painting “the False Mirror” represents what we see is what our minds want us to see.

We each have a mind that creates our reality.  Abstract art is open to interpretation.  It requires you have an open inquiring mind.  Exploring abstract artwork removes the mundane from the mind.