14 years ago I painted a series of abstract female clowns. They had bald heads and their faces were white with large colored eyes and red lips. Several of the paintings showed women hanging from crosses.

I no longer create art with messages.  But these women clowns did have a message.  They were about women feeling persecuted in our society. The point of my blog is not to go into a tirade about inequality..

My clowns are really about a wholeness.  I have acted as a clown and have felt persecuted when not understood.  But that is only part of who I am.  “The Pink Cross” above shows a very sweet face.  She is dressed in wild colors.  The dominant color is pink which is accepted as being a female color.  This clown is saying – “Hey! look at me. Check me out. I’m here now but I can get off this cross anytime I want. I make my own choices and every moment is new choice.”

Don’t cry for me.  I’m just fine!

This last clown is here to enjoy. If you wish to contemplate meaning, go ahead.  My days of explaining and crusading are over. At least with art.