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FAQs – Many prospective clients have asked me art related questions to about contemporary and modern art and paintings.  The mediums applied to canvas, and the techniques.

I have compiled some below to offer some helpful information when you purchase original artwork.  If you don’t see your question below, please contact me and ask!

What kind of Paint medium do you use?

Oil paint is my medium of choice.  Every painting is painted with oil paint and sometimes other mediums are added to it.  I often use encaustic wax paste and pure encaustic wax.  Many of the landscape paintings are covered with epoxy resin.

Can I find your artwork in galleries?

Many art galleries have generously exhibited my paintings on canvas and paper throughout the years. For a complete list of galleries download my resume under the about page.

When did you start painting abstract art?

Abstract art resonated for me the first time I visited the Art Institute of Chicago. I never thought I had creative ability. While living in Peru after giving birth to my first daughter at age 27, I needed an outlet for my excessive energy. An artist friend invited me to paint on her canvases.
That was the beginning. I later received a BA in Studio Arts at the University of Maryland.

Define minimal art.

Minimalism refers to the barest essentials. Minimalism emphasizes extreme simplification of form and color. When painting minimal art I attempt to rid the painting of any visual association. Minimalist artists believe art should not refer to anything other than itself.

How do you know when a painting on canvas is finished?

I’m not sure any painting is ever finished. I do know a painting works best for me if not overworked. When I completed this painting on the left, I thought it needed something else and threw some black paint. Then I decided: “Ok, can’t do anything else.”

What inspires your contemporary abstract artwork?

This is a difficult question for me to answer. I have a need inside that feels like some sort of light needing to be expressed.

How are prices for your abstract expressive and minimal paintings determined?

Prices for my artwork are based on the size of the painting. There is a price range set for specific square inch sizes.

Am I able to commission a piece of artwork based on your abstract paintings?

Yes, I accept commissions based on specific paintings, if that art is not available. I send jpegs of the completed art to make sure the painting is acceptable.

Abstract black and white commissioned painting.

Painting to the left was commissioned from the above painting.