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“LITTLE BLUE CABOOSE” or how the past can affect the present.

Embrace or ignore the titles of my paintings. ¬†Sometimes a title may enhance what you see in the piece and sometimes it just is what it is with no connection to the painting. This title “Little Blue Caboose” popped in my head because of a song I heard growing up: Little Red Caboose chug chug chug!!! Who remembers that????

I’ve had different ways of titling my paintings.¬† Often, titles come from inspirational books I’m reading.

“3 Doors to Liberation”

“Being is Always Becoming”

“No Mee”

If I get stuck I text my daughters for ideas.

“The Death of Frivolity”

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow There are Nightmares”

And sometimes something ridiculous pops in my head which makes me laugh. It becomes the title even though it has nothing to do with the piece.

“Cut a Hole in Your Sock”

“Forgot My Bra”

So there you have it.

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