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Why Is It So Important to Be Right? Having to be right all the time will ruin every relationship you have.

The title in this painting is taken from the writing within it.

It could just as easily be called “There’s a Hole in the Bucket”

Having to be right is really about anger. And the anger is caused within one’s self. When I’m in an argument with someone, I blame that person for not knowing I am “right” and he/she is “wrong”. But if it weren’t for my feelings  bringing up unresolved issues, there would be no argument.

What about anger related to art? If it weren’t for anger would  “soul” music exist?  In contemporary  expressionistic art, sculpture and paintings with the most movement tend to give people more excitement than calmer works.  The sculptures seen here create  reactions by  viewers.

Willem Dekooning’s women paintings caused a great stir and continue to do so.  He was accused of being a misogynist due to the violent depiction of women.  He was not a misogynist and though there is excessive angry gestures, there are also gestures of love and beauty with his use of color and his desire to make each piece perfect.

Other paintings that would not exist if not for what appears to be expressive anger are those of Francis Bacon who in fact was interested in spiritual perfectionism.

Many of Bacon’s paintings remind me of artist Chaim Soutine who was one of the first artists I fell in love with due to his moving expressions.

Many of my expressionist- paintings/ come from feeling exhilarated, though my daughters find them disturbingly angry.   It isn’t important how a viewer describes my expressive paintings/. Causing a reaction is what matters to me. When I am able to express some of my unresolved issues by painting, I am less apt to argue when feeling “wronged”.

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